Suchismita Sarma’s Life

It is the year 2028, Suchismita Sarma is a successful digital marketer, a successful freelancer who earns 6 figured salary/month. Her hobby is food blogging. She loves to explore different foods and places to eat. She is an independent woman who has finally bought a house and lives with her mother in that beautiful 3BHK flat/villa. She made her mother proud and herself happy. She is doing a job which she loves. She lives a healthy life and follows a healthy diet. As she is a big-time foodie and loves blogging about food, she has her cheat meals as well. But the next day she covers up for that cheat meal. She maintains a routine of working out daily at least for 30min. She always keeps a positive attitude towards life. If sometimes she feels low for some reason, she takes some time, meditates, takes a walk, listens to music/ podcasts, or watches a TED talk. And then again she starts working or learns something new. She always tries to keep herself busy. She never compromises in her life. She reads books every day. She believes that by reading every day, one can learn something new every day. She proved that the only easy way to success is hard work and consistency.

“ I will never stop learning in my life because I believe there is no age to learn. You can always learn till your last breath. Knowledge is the only thing that will always stay with you. Now I am happy, I feel empowered. It is only because of my hard work, positive attitude, my healthy lifestyle, and my love for myself. I love traveling so I try to go on a trip every month and if that is not possible I do travel every 2 months for sure. And the best part of working as a freelancer is I can work even while traveling.

I do not need to take long breaks for traveling. To date, I have travelled all over India. Other than India I have travelled to Dubai and Maldives. I want to travel a lot more. I want to travel the world with my mother. I know if my father was here today he would have been the happiest for me. I miss my father each and every day.” These are her exact words. Her life was not easy, she had to deal with money problems, depression, and family crisis but she did not sit down and cried over her situation, she became more and more strong and build her own empire.

She had never cut corners in her life. She had never searched shortcuts for anything. Since her childhood her father taught her, there is no easy way of success. So she has never thought about it also. She kept trying and working hard and today she is happy, successful, fearless, and living a wealthy life by God’s grace. And will keep on working hard and achieving more and more success in her life.

(this blog is a part of DDIP {Digital Deepak Internship Program})



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